A History of Growth in Transportation

Kriska Transportation Group (KTG) was born from foundations built over 38 years ago, when Kriska Holdings Ltd., a family owned corporation, was incorporated in 1978. By 1987, Kriska had grown to 20 trucks and was operating within Canada and cross-border between Canada and the U.S.A. Between 1995 and 2011, a series of acquisitions set the ball in motion for Kriska Holdings Ltd. to become a larger player in the transportation industry. KTG became a reality when, in 2014, the Mullen Group (TSX:MTL) and Kriska Holdings Ltd. entered into a landmark deal creating Kriska Transportation Group, to be headquartered out of Prescott, Ontario

That year, KTG acquired Mill Creek Motor Freight to join Kriska Holdings Ltd. as the group’s first two companies. In 2015, KTG had also acquired JMF Transport from Valcourt, Quebec and Transpro Freight Systems out of Milton, Ontario. Service Freight Systems of Burlington, Ontario was acquired in 2017. In 2018 BTC Express joined KTG followed by Icon Transportation Logistics Ltd. in early 2019.

Strong Ownership Leads the Drive for More Acquisitions

KTG is actively pursuing new acquisitions that fit into the KTG model of safety, quality and profitability.

KTG is always ready to entertain investor inquiries and acquisition opportunities with companies that align with our core values and present a suitable prospect for growing the KTG family of companies.

Technology Leads Across the Fleet

KTG is one of the first Canadian carriers to install fleet-wide workflow technology that replaces macros in the trucks. This has generated a positive impact on the business including greater driver retention, improved asset utilization, less data errors, and faster cash to cash cycle times.

KTG is also one of the few Canadian fleets to deploy fleet-wide telematics that allow for remote monitoring and control of temperature-controlled trailers, resulting in the development of new markets such as pharma, greater customer retention, and the elimination of claims.

A Template for the Transportation Industry

KTG’s success comes from ensuring high quality people, equipment and service – all the time. We currently operate one of the youngest fleets in Canada. All of our trucks are on a 3-year trade cycle, allowing us to consistently offer our drivers current model trucks and provide the lowest and most predictable variable cost structure.

KTG offers its customers a rolling stock of more than 600 power units, 1,600 dry trailers, and 300 refrigerated trailers.

Happier People Delivering Superior Transportation

The Kriska Transportation Group understands that when you look after your employees, they will look after your customers. Our people will always treat you right because we know how to treat our people. We pride ourselves on the people who represent our brands and hold them in the highest esteem as the driving force behind our success. Placing our trust in the right people has been one of the most successful growth opportunities for us to ensure we always get a positive return on delivering good service. We hire the right people for the job and apply their skills where they are best suited.